Basic Tips for Home Spa Maintenance in Connecticut

Basic Tips for Home Spa Maintenance in Connecticut

Having a spa at home provides the perfect place to go after a hard day at work. It also comes in handy for relaxing during the weekend. In order to get the most from benefit from the equipment, it pays to engage in some basic spa maintenance in Connecticut. Here are some tips that will help.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

Even when things seem to be working fine, it pays to have the equipment checked by an expert. Once a year is not too often. In the best case scenario, each component will still be in good shape, and nothing needs to be done. If something is found, an expert can resolve the issue with ease. Simply taking care of issues before they can cause a lot of damages will allow the homeowner to enjoy the spa for many more years.

Cleaning the Filters

Many spas come with filter cartridges that can be removed with ease. Making it a point to check those cartridges every month or so should be an essential part of Spa Maintenance in Connecticut. For permanent filters, cleaning out any mineral deposits and other gunk that have collected will ensure the filters remain efficient. If the unit is designed to use disposable filters, keeping a couple of fresh ones on hand makes it easy to replace an old filter when and as needed.

Cleaning the Spa

Remember that the filter will only do so much to keep the spa clean. Set aside time regularly to empty the water and clean the surfaces of the spa. Only use detergents that are recommended by the manufacturer. Doing so will ensure the water stays clean, and the interior of the spa never feels slimy to the touch.

One of the best ways to deal with spa maintenance is to enter into a contract with a local service. Call Treat’s Pools and Spas and get more details about the service and support included with a contract. After hearing about the range of support offered in terms of basic maintenance and the discounts for many types of repairs, it will be easy to see how the contract is worth every penny.

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