Bathroom Renovations – Money Saving Tips

Are you tired of looking at the same old bathroom every day? Maybe you would like some fresh colors or a new vanity, toilet, and shower in Boca Raton. Bathroom renovations can raise your home’s value and make life more convenient, but they can cost thousands of dollars. Here are some remodeling tips to help you save money.

Plan Your Upgrade

According to HGTV, when you want to make changes, you should have a definite plan before you begin and it is a good idea to hire a professional designer. He or she can help you develop a budget and get the best features for your bathroom renovations. You save a lot of time when you choose a designer who can do the work too.

Why Move Plumbing?

Do you really need to move your sink or vanity or place the toilet in another area? If you keep things in the same place, you save money. You do not have to run pipes and tap into drain systems. This is labor intensive and costly. And you may need to cut into walls or floors too.

Alternatives to Tile

Tile is nice, but you can give bathroom renovations a non-traditional look and save money if you go with something else. For example, you can install wood paneling or go with water-resistant bathroom wallpaper. Some of these products look like real wood, tile, or old fashion wallpaper. You have very little maintenance with wallpaper made for bathrooms.

Inexpensive Toilet Upgrades

A new toilet seat can do wonders for your bathroom. Bath sets cover your toilet tank, lid, seat, and floor area with a beautiful soft new look. This is a great way to change colors without making expensive changes. In Boca Raton, you can buy many colors and styles of bathroom sets for less than forty dollars.

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