Beat the Summer Heat With Superior Air Conditioning Installation in Rockville

A failing or aging HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system can make most buildings unusable. This is especially true during the hot months of summer when cooling systems are used the most. Overworking the AC can result in unexpected breakdowns and the need for another air conditioning installation in Rockville. Replacing the HVAC can be expensive, which is one reason that manufacturers and AC contractors recommend annual maintenance programs.

The typical air conditioner doesn’t actually cool the space. In fact, the AC is an appliance designed to move heat. This is done with the aid of a chemical refrigerant and a series of coils. The process begins when the external condenser unit compresses the refrigerant. This forces a state change in the chemical and pumps it through the first coil. This is the coil found inside the building and is usually referred to as the evaporator coil. This is because the refrigerant enters this coil and begins to collect heat, which causes another state change where the chemical returns to vapor. Eliminating the heat is the next step in the process and is done when the refrigerant is carried outdoors. As one might imagine, the compression of the refrigerant can cause a lot of stress on various components.

Another reason to consider air conditioning installation in Rockville is the replacement of an older system due to the high cost of repairs. Certain components can get very expensive and replacing them may not make sense in the long run. Plus, federal regulations have mandated that the refrigerant used in replacement HVAC systems be the chemical R-410A instead of the ozone-damaging R-22. An experienced HVAC contractor can determine what type of refrigerant the AC is using.

Keep in mind that the HVAC is an expensive appliance that should last for more than a decade. Better quality appliances tend to last much longer, but the best way to ensure the longest service life is with routine maintenance and thorough cleaning. For example, cleaning the air handler is important because it can pass dust to other areas of the appliance. Dust can affect airflow and cause the circuits to overheat. Consult the experts at Accel Heating and Cooling to get more details.

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