Bench Scales and Farmer’s Markets: A Look Into Implementing Proper Business Practices

Over the past few years, farmer’s markets have gained a considerable level of popularity due to how they connect consumers directly with producers. Products ranging from freshly harvested corn and vegetables to farm made cheese, sausages and other similar products have become a popular choice for many local residents in the various cities that farmer’s markets have set themselves up in.

Implementing Proper Business Practices
As more farmer’s find the advantage of selling their products straight to consumers, this has manifested in many of them considering their new sales stands at the market as a lucrative and above all needed source of income. However, one of the main problems with this current situation is that the business strategy that the farmers have implemented is severely lacking when it comes to implementing proper procedures in selling their products. It is based on this that this guide delves into the various methods that can be implemented to enhance their current methods of sale.

Measure What You Sell
One of the business practices that farmers implement that does more harm than good is that when they sell some of their products they do so in a rather informal manner. Vegetables and fruits are often sold in clumps rather than by weight and while on the surface this may seem to be an adequate arrangement, what farmers don’t realize is that they are actually losing money in the long run since not all vegetables weigh the same. As such, it is highly advisable that they purchase bench scales in order to create a specific price for a particular type of product based on weight. A Hardy bench scale helps to ensure that you don’t get cheated out of your profits and in the end simply makes better business sense.

Hire an Accountant
Another aspect of running a sales stand that farmers seem to neglect is the need to hire an accountant. Simply put, everything that you sell in the farmer’s market is subject to revenue tax and, as such, you need to pay the right taxes otherwise you could be imprisoned for tax evasion. Accountants help you to avoid this by providing their skills to help you determine how much you are supposed to pay and whether you are eligible for certain tax deductibles based on the nature of your business.

Overall, having a sales stand in a farmer’s market can be a truly profitable experience for a farmer.

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