Benefits And Reasons Of Buying A Ford Flex In Bedford Park

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Automotive

When most people consider a new vehicle, they already have something in mind. However, if you’ve been thinking about it but haven’t come up with anything you truly want, you may consider a crossover vehicle. They are an excellent alternative for people who want more than a car but want less than a truck or SUV, making them the perfect choice. Therefore, you may wish to consider a Ford Flex in Bedford Park.

Style and Options

Some people don’t care about the style options available while others only look at the styling. No matter which type you are, you can’t help but be amazed at some of the options you’ve got. Bright dual exhaust tips come standard, as well as distinctive grooves on the body. You’ll also get a Chrome grille or a satin-aluminum grille on the Limited, both of which come with integrated headlights. You’ll also get various wheel choices so you can customize the style however you want.


A V6 engine is always nice, but for some, it may seem like too much. If you’re used to a four-cylinder, you should be aware that the Flex in Bedford Park comes with EcoBoost, which combines turbocharging and direct injection technologies. You’ll still get a six-speed automatic transmission and 350 pounds-per-foot of torque, but it will be gentler on gasoline.

Third-Row Seating

Whether you have a large family or frequently pile up the car to take friends to an event, you’ll enjoy third-row seating options. It’s a one-touch feature that allows you to keep the seat back in the upright position. However, you can also lower the backs so you can carry cargo and have a flat floor. If that weren’t enough, you can also turn the cushions and seat backs around so you can sit on the tailgate. This option is available on the Limited model.

Safety Features

No matter which car or truck you’re considering, you must think of the safety features and ensure that it has what you need. This vehicle can sense when a front passenger is there, uses high-strength steel in the structure of the car and uses a Safety Canopy system with a built-in rollover sensor.

You’ll also note that it has front and side airbags, a tire-pressure monitoring system and inflatable safety belts for the second-row outboard.


The three models available are the Limited, SE, and SEL. Each come with standard and optional choices.

The Ford Flex in Bedford Park is the ultimate in crossovers. Visit Hawk Ford today to learn more about these and all the other options available.

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