Benefits and Risks of Low Dose CT Scans in Riverhead NY

Though many researchers have not conducted enough studies to ensure that low dose CT scans are worth the risks, many patients and doctors in Riverhead, NY believe that the risks of these scans are very low compared to the great benefits of identifying cancer and other problems. Though the choice is ultimately yours, you should listen to your doctor and understand the full risk and benefits of these scans in order to make an informed decision that could greatly affect your health.


As its name suggests, a low dose CT scan has a lower dose of radiation, which is healthier for your body. No amount of radiation is good, but it is an important part of the scanning process and is only used to find problems and make diagnoses. However, children, older adults and those that have radiation sensitivity can benefit from the lower doses of radiation used in this type of scan.

Cancer is a big problem in the United States, including Riverhead, NY. Though most people believe they won’t or cannot get cancer, it is possible. Many with different types of cancer don’t have any symptoms, especially in the early stages. However, it is still important to have a low-dose CT scan if your doctor recommends it, especially if others in your family have had cancer. Treatment plans can then be put into place so that you can beat the cancer quickly. Your treatment may be less, as well if the cancer is detected early enough.


While no one wants to consider the risks of any procedure, there are some risks involved with low dose CT scanning. It is important to know these risks and make a judgment for yourself.

One risk is that you are being subjected to radiation, though the effects are a lot lower with the low-dose scanning option.

False positives have also been known to occur. When this happens, the CT shows some problem or lesion that is not there. In some cases, treatment or surgery may be ordered because of the problem, only to find that there was no problem to begin with. This does not frequently occur and is considered a reasonable risk to take.

While both of the risks mentioned may cause you to falter in your decision, studies have not found exclusively that any type of CT scan has risks. Therefore, you should talk candidly with your doctor about the procedure and possibly get a second opinion before choosing to have a scan.

A Low Dose CT in Riverhead, NY, is a safer option than regular scans. However, you should go to a radiology company you trust, so consider North Fork Radiology.

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