Where To Get A Sinus CT Scan In Riverhead, NY

Where To Get A Sinus CT Scan In Riverhead, NY

There are several questions that people frequently ask about CT Scans in general. Those questions are: What does CT stand for? What is a Sinus CT Scan? Exactly how is a Sinus CT Scan performed? What does this scan actually show? Here are some helpful answers to those questions. CT stands for computed tomography. A Sinus CT Scan is an image test that uses x-rays to make a clear, more detailed picture of the air filled spaces in the sinuses. This test is performed is a room with a special scanner. Typically the patient is asked to lie completely still and flat on their back on a table that slides into the center of the scanner. Once inside the scanner the machines x-ray beams rotate around the patient and then separate images of the sinuses are created.

This type of test is generally performed to detect for things like birth defects in the sinuses, sinus infection, nasal polyps, and other diseases or defects in the sinuses. If a patient was told by their doctor that they need to have a Sinus CT Scan in Riverhead NY, the patient would likely be sent to North Fork Radiology. This company has been providing state of the art diagnostic imaging services since 1957. Their facility is fully equipped with the newest technology and some of the best physicians and staff. North Fork Radiology is two businesses in one building. Not only do they offer the diagnostic imaging services but they also offer oncology services in the same building for ease of convenience to their patients.

Another question the patient might ask is what the risks are of this test. The risks are being exposed to radiation and a possible allergic reaction to the contrast dye. There is more radiation exposure with this test than there is with a normal x-ray. For the most part, the risks are minimal however, each patient reacts to things differently than other patients. For more information on where to get a Sinus CT Scan in Riverhead NY, visit NorthForkRad.com for a full list of services they provide including their oncology department, the locations they have, learn more about the physicians, the types of insurances they accept and more.

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