Benefits of Short-Term Serviced Apartments over Hotels

If you’re planning to stay in a hotel for an extended period of time, you may want to consider short-term serviced apartments instead. While hotels can be perfect for one or two nights, short-term apartments are a great option for those who desire a “home away from home” during their travels. The following are a few benefits of this increasingly popular choice.

Less Expensive

Many assume that renting a short-term serviced apartment is a decadent option over staying in a hotel. However, for those who are staying more than just a night or two, these apartments can actually be cheaper in the long run. Discounts are often applied in accordance with the length of stay. For apartments, it is actually cheaper for the company to have a tenant stay longer as opposed to having a fast turnaround. For this reason, there is often a financial incentive to making it cost-effective for the tenant.

Full Kitchen

Hotels generally lack basic amenities, since they are designed mostly for travelers who need a room quickly and for a short period of time. If you plan to stay in a hotel for more than a few days, you’ll soon grow tired of the lack of a full refrigerator and a place to cook meals. Eating out, especially when there is no alternative available, can be costly. Having a full kitchen allows you to spread yourself out, cook a meal and enjoy it somewhere other than the couch, bed or office chair. These kitchens are also fully stocked, so you won’t need to buy basic necessities like plates, cups and silverware.

Increased Comfort

Hotels are generally small units with thin walls. With short-term serviced apartments, you can choose between sizes, often from a studio up to a 3-bedroom, depending on where you look. These apartments are usually decorated similarly to what you would find in a regular apartment unit, so you’ll feel more like you’re at home than you would in a hotel. You’ll also most likely have a more comfortable bathroom, and the bathroom will be set off from the rest of the unit.

More Privacy

While hotels are generally fairly private, short-term serviced apartments are much more so. You may not have to worry about putting up a sign to avoid having a housekeeper knock on your door in the morning. The walls are often thicker than they are in hotels, and you’ll have a more secure keying system. Lastly, you won’t be running into so many strangers in the halls.

Short-term serviced apartments can make your stay relaxing, no matter how long it lasts. The next time you travel for business or pleasure, consider Pearl Apartments.

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