Benefits of Using Mobile Veterinarians in Yorktown, NY

If you’re an animal lover, you may have a menagerie at home including dogs, cats, reptiles, and/or birds. Getting them all to the vet for their annual shots or health exams can be a logistical nightmare, especially if they are all due near the same date. Instead of trying to wrangle all of your pets into carriers or on their leashes in an effort to get to the vet clinic, you should consider using a mobile vet service.

Causes Less Stress

One of the main advantages to using the mobile services provided by veterinarians in Yorktown, NY is that your animals will be put under less stress because they remain in a familiar environment. Some dogs and most cats do not care for travelling in the car, especially if they have to be put in carriers. They are fully aware of the fact that they are going to the vet in these situations, as this is usually when they are put in a carrier to go on a ride.

The stress of going in a car can scare them, which can result in hissing or barking when they enter an animal clinic. However, when veterinarians visit a home, the animals are calmer and much more relaxed. This makes them better patients, which means that the vet can quickly examine your pet and give them their shots.

Everyone Treated Together

If you have several dogs, cats, or other animals, you don’t have to take one or two of them at a time into the vet’s office. Instead, mobile veterinarians can visit your home and take care of all your animals at the same time. To get more information about mobile vet services, you should call the local animal clinic in your area.

By scheduling a visit from mobile veterinarians, you can have all of your pets examined and immunized at the same time, saving both time and money.

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