Signs it is Time to Call for Air Compressor Parts and Service PA

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Air Quality

Regardless of the size air compressor used, if a business relies on this for any reason related to their day to day operations, it is important that it runs properly. It is equally important for a person to recognize that Air Compressor Parts and Service PA may be needed. As the air compressor begins to go out, it will not run as efficiently, and the overall performance output will be reduced. Both of these factors can cost a business quite a bit of money. Other signs of an issue with an air compressor can be found here.

Excessive Noise Coming from the Compressor

One of the most telltale signs of an issue with an air compressor is if it begins to make excessive noise while operating. This can be the result of a number of issues, including components that are loose and need to be tightened, a lack of oil present in the crankcase, or foreign matter present in the cylinder head of the compressor. The only way to know exactly what the problem is to contact a professional for Air Compressor Parts and Service PA.

Oil Present in the Discharge Air

Another sign of an issue is if there is oil present in the discharge air at the point or use. While there are also a number of things that can cause this issue, such as excessive oil present in the compressor, restricted air intake, or worn piston rings, it is important to have the exact problem determined. If the compressor is used for fabrication purposes, the oil can contaminate the products being created. This can mean big issues. As soon as a person notices oil present in the discharge air, it is important to call for service right away.

Don’t ignore a problem with an air compressor since doing so can create a number of serious problems. More information about air compressor issues can be found by contacting the professionals at Air Center Inc. Those who are interested can also visit the website. Knowing the signs of an issue provides business owners the ability to call for service before the problem has a chance to get worse.

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