The Best in Custom Stone Fabrication in New Jersey by NJ Gravel and Sand

The Best in Custom Stone Fabrication in New Jersey by NJ Gravel and Sand

It can be difficult to find the right materials for the job, especially when you are looking for specialized stone, gravel, sand, or brick. Custom stone fabrication ensures that the work is achieved according to your specifications, as you are not relying on prefabricated work or materials. Color, texture, and the porousness of the material may all make a difference in the finished product. Custom stone fabrication means all the parameters of the project including budget are taken into account. NJ Gravel and Sand offers an unparalleled array of stone, including antique stone, brick, gravel, and sand. The services offered include cutting as well as delivery services and installation.

If your project requires specialized materials, we can definitely help. We have been serving the New Jersey community since 1936, and we are proud and excited as we enter our 81st year in business. Along with custom stone fabrication, NJ Gravel & Sand also offers products and services for the homeowner, contractor and development sectors.  For homeowners, architects, and designers, NJ Gravel and Sand offers the most aesthetically pleasing and diverse products from travertine and marble to reclaimed stone for specialty and eco-friendly projects.

Custom stone fabrication includes the cutting of limestone, bluestone, sandstone, granite, and any other material needed for a landscape or building project for interior or exterior spaces. Consulting with the team at NJ Gravel and Sand, you can customize the look and feel of a space with custom stone fabrication processes. Whatever the desired outcome or budget, NJ Gravel and Sand offers custom stone fabrication to suit your needs.

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