Best Time To Plan Window Replacement In A Petaluma Renovation

Best Time To Plan Window Replacement In A Petaluma Renovation

Coordinating services for a home renovation is a big task. If a general contractor is involved, that company typically coordinates the various subcontracted companies, ensuring everything is done in a logical and sequential order.

If you are doing your own Petaluma home renovation or are hiring in only specific construction or installation services, knowing when to time the window replacement is an important point to consider.

First, consider the companies you are calling in to provide a part of the Petaluma home renovation. Some companies do more than one service, and working with a company offering multiple services can help to streamline the project. A good example of a company offering multiple services is Northwest Exteriors. They provide window replacement, siding, patio covers, doors, HVAC installation services, and even solar panel installation.

Outside In

A simple trick to think about how to do the renovation or upgrade is to work from the outside of the home to the interior. This goes for the entire home or just a room as the principle is the same.

The envelope of the home, which is the exterior walls, the roof, and the windows are the first stages of the project. By having window replacement before the exterior siding and the interior walls are finished, the windows can be installed and in place when the new siding and interior walls are added. This allows the full finishing of the windows and the interior and exterior walls without having to go back over work already completed.

This is particularly important if the project involves changing the size, shape or location of the windows. The more change there is between the current windows in the room and the new windows, the earlier the windows should be completed in the project.

At Northwest Exteriors, we can work with your contractor or with you to schedule the optimal time for window replacement in Petaluma. To find out more, see us online at

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