The Best Ways to Pull Off Wedding String Lights

The Best Ways to Pull Off Wedding String Lights

As you’ve devoted time, effort, and funding to creating the perfect wedding day for yourself and your special someone, you’ve undoubtedly had to consider a slew of different aspects. One of those aspects is likely your lighting setup. While many couples don’t put too much thought into this part of their wedding, it is incredibly important to the overall mood of your ceremony and reception! In fact, certain trends have developed in relation to the types of lighting used in weddings, with wedding string lights being one of the most popular forms. Here are some gorgeous things you can do with wedding string lights in Fort Worth.

Mixed Lighting

While it’s certainly true that wedding string lights in Fort Worth and Dallas are a great option to use for ambient lighting for your wedding,  you don’t have to use that type of lighting alone. Consider combining this form of wedding lighting with other types of lighting, such as lanterns or plain bulbs. You can even pair string lights with LED lighting, depending on the type of wedding mood you’re going for and the execution. A safe way to combine multiple kinds of lighting would be to suspend string lights along the walls and ceiling (or some equivalent), while putting candles or lanterns along the floor or on tables.

Strung All Over

The main purpose and coolest part of string lights is the ability for them to be hung! One of the best ways to suspend your lighting is along the beams and ceiling of the venue, particularly if the venus mainly features rafters as part of its construction. Doing this creates a beautiful and romantic effect, and is quite easy to execute. All it takes is a few bundles of string lighting, which you can easily install yourself by wrapping it around the beams of the venue as you see fit.

To request wedding string lights in Fort Worth for your own special day, get in touch with the Christmas Company by calling (817)-629-8404 or visiting their website.

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