Boost Your RO Filter’s Performance with a Top-Grade Pump

Boost Your RO Filter’s Performance with a Top-Grade Pump

An investment in a water filtration system for your home is an investment in many things. Your family’s health, the quality of the water you’re drinking, washing with and cooking in – all of these things are assets you are protecting when you bring a filter into your home. However, it isn’t as simple as just installing a device and reaping the rewards. Filters need regular maintenance to function correctly and may also benefit from additional technology – such as an Aquatec booster pump – or a demand or delivery pump.

What Type of Pump Do You Need?

There are two primary types of pumps used in reverse osmosis filtration systems:

  • Booster pump
  • Demand (or delivery) pump

The booster pump gets its name from its action of boosting water pressure levels as they enter your filter system. The demand or delivery pump is designed to move the water to where it needs to be for consumption or use – such as the ice or water dispensary of a refrigerator. Retailers of these pumps can advise consumers on the make and model that will best fit their device as well as their family’s demand.

An Aquatec or comparable booster pump is designed to keep water pressure at ideal levels in your filtration system, allowing the reverse osmosis process to work at maximum efficiency and making fresher, clean water available to your family when they need it.

Putting Your Pump to Work

Reverse osmosis filters are pressure-based systems. These filters work best with appropriate levels of water pressure, so employing an Aquatec booster pump or similar model will not only increase the output of your device, it will also improve efficiency over time.

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