Booster Pump: Helpful Things You Should Know Before Buying One

Booster Pump: Helpful Things You Should Know Before Buying One

Using an Aquatec booster pump can help improve water pressure in your tanks. Don’t know enough about booster pumps? Here’s a bit of a background:
Do you need it?

First off, you only require a booster is you have low water pressure. This can be the case for many old homes or those properties that still rely on well water.

Are you up for the added costs?

Before you buy one, calculate all the costs. Keep in mind booster pumps run on electricity. Are you prepared to take on not just the cost of the item but the added cost to your electricity bills as well? You might also consider using a permeate pump. But that option is far from ideal, unless your system comes with a pressurized tank, says Home Brew Talk.

What are the benefits?

Use of an Aquatec booster pump can result in a number of benefits. With improved water pressure comes better quality water. Also, there’s less waiting time because the storage tank fills up a whole lot faster. That means you won’t have to worry about waiting too long until you get the next batch. The addition of a booster pump to your system will also mean there’s less reject water to go down the drain.

What are booster pumps composed of?

There are 3 important parts of a booster pump. These include the transformer, the pump itself and the pressure switch. The transformer converts energy to voltage, while the pressure switch is designed to monitor the water pressure in the storage tank. Depending on the pressure, the pressure switch will either switch on or off the tank.

Where to get one?

Not all pumps are equal. Make sure you look for reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Do your research so you’ll know which unit will be ideal for your needs.

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