Bring Your College Student Home More with the Passat TDI Diesel

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Automotive

Getting your son or daughter a high school graduation present can be tough. One thing that most parents struggle with is whether or not it will be used. If you’re a parent who will miss your child when they go away to college, you should consider a gift that will make it easier for them to travel home on long weekends, holidays and breaks. Instead of buying a used car with horrible gas mileage, consider the Passat TDI diesel. It gets great gas mileage that will keep bringing your child home for very little cost.

Is the Gas Mileage Really That Great?

When you’re shopping for a car to bring your child home more often from college you will want something with great gas mileage. You know they will be exploring their college town and also wanting to go see high school friends when they visit home. This is why gas mileage should be a huge considering factor. The TDI Passat gets exceptionally good gas mileage that has helped give it the nickname the “hypermiler.” This vehicle is currently scored at getting 30 city miles to the gallon and 44 highway miles to the gallon. That is very good gas mileage.

How Can You Get Even Better Gas Mileage?

As human beings we always want better everything. So, even though the gas mileage on the Passat TDI diesel is great there will be people wanting to make it even better. The good news is that it is possible to do. Driving a little slower can greatly reduce gas mileage. For every 5 miles over 50 MPH is equal to $0.14 in gas. Don’t haul things on the roof of your vehicle as this can reduce fuel economy by up to 25%. Using cruise control can also help maintain good gas mileage. Don’t travel with unnecessary items in your vehicle. For every 100lbs you haul inside your vehicle is equal to $0.02 in gas.

Giving your high school graduate the gift of a vehicle that gets great gas mileage will also be a gift to the lonely parent. Parents get so used to their children being home that when they go off to college they wish they were back home. Giving your child the ability to travel back home for a low cost will help. Teaching your child how to maximize their gas mileage will also bring them home more often. The TDI Passat is a gift for both the son or daughter as well as the parents.

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