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There are several different factors that go into finding the best LIMS System for your lab, hospital or business. With a dozen different LIMS suppliers coming and going each year, endless variations, unique selling features as well as customization options, choosing the best LIM system software can be challenging at best, especially if you do not know what you are looking for exactly. Moreover, there’s always another important factor to take into account when deciding on one system over another—the cost.

Of course, there are affordable systems. In fact, the majority of systems all typically fall within the same price range. Nevertheless, much like anything else that isn’t free in this world, one tends to get what they pay for. Therefore, if it comes down to one or two more features and spending a little bit more for the right system, spend the extra money. At the end of the day, it’s better than saving money, only to have the wrong LIMS.

LIMS Systems Selection Criteria
So what are some good tips for selecting the right system? Well, first and foremost, you want to look at your overall preferences and requirements. Typically, the advice of other companies may or may not help you narrow down your selection. The reality is that finding out what system you need may require speaking with an expert. So, by all means ask someone you trust within your particular industry where they got their LIMS Systems from, just do not assume what works for them will ultimately work for you and your business or laboratory.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down and spoken with the right experts, it’s also vital to factor implementation time. In other words, if you have a specific time frame make sure you factor that into which system can be up and running by the time your project requires.

Specifications and More
As previously mentioned, most LIMS Systems are customizable—not only can you pick and choose which features you would like your systems to have but you can design/create the exact type of system your company needs. What this means is that you need to define clearly what your specifications are early on to ensure the quality and success of your new system.

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