Using Modern Science To Help You Get Better

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Science & Technology

When testing for certain diseases, doctors use a series of different tests to rule out some theories while reinforcing others. This series of tests goes through a rigorous set of balances starting with your doctor, then to the technicians at a lab, then back to your doctor. At the end of the process your illness has been analyzed by a variety of different people, only one of which you’ve actually met. These unnamed technicians play one of the most important roles though, as they’re the ones doing the most in depth scientific analysis of your problems. By running tests on your blood using different antigens, these technicians are able to identify the signs of certain illnesses to your doctor. One of the antigens introduced in some lab tests is CD45RA. This is commonly used for identifying issues such as lymphoma and is a common way to diagnose several autoimmune disorders as well as some cancers.


Today, with the vast troves of technology and science behind us, scientists are able to do things that we would’ve never thought possible before. Bioengineering is a method used to create antigens and antibodies such as CD45RA to use in lab testing. Before the development of bioengineering, these antigens would need to be accumulated from a source, such as an animal, in order to be used in testing. Because it’s not always easy to accumulate certain antigens or proteins, bioengineering is a far more economical way to acquire these compounds. For those who are against animal testing, bioengineering is also a great way to prevent animals from being farmed in order for these specific compounds to be harvested. This means that along with being more economical, it’s also more humane. Because of these great advantages, bioengineering takes center stage in generating the various cells and proteins that lab technicians need on a daily basis.

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