Using The CD45RA In Research

Using The CD45RA In Research

The Leukocyte Common Antigen (LCA/T200), also known as CD45 is a membrane sialoglycoprotein with three different exons encoding the peptide segments. Differential splicing of these exons can generate multiple isoforms. CD45RA is considered a single-chain glycoprotein and is expressed in up to 50 percent of all peripheral CD4+T-cells, as well as 50 percent of peripheral CD8+T-cells, leukemic B-cell lines, and B-cells. The T-cells expressing the antigen define non-overlapping populations of all resting peripheral T-cells. These cells are naïve or virgin T-cells.

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CD45RA has a clone called SPM504 and should be used for research only. The immunogen is the stimulated human leucocytes, and it has the isotype is the IgG2a. The antigen has an undetermined epitope with a molecular weight of between 204 and 220 kDa.


The CD45RA is designed for Immunohistochemistry applications only. To begin, you should prepare the specimen using a Formalin-fixed or paraffin-embedded tissue sample. Deparaffinized slides are required, and you can achieve this with graded alcohols, xylene, and its alternatives.

You will need to dilute the antibody if using a concentrated formula. To do so, use a ratio of 1:200 with Antibody Diluent ADS-125. Dilutions are estimates, and yours may differ depending on your protocols. If you do require a dilution ratio of 1:200, you can also find a pre-diluted formula available for purchase, simplifying the procedure.

There is no protocol for antigen retrieval, though you will need to incubate the primary antibody for 30 minutes while at room temperature. Your detection system will help you determine how to see the antibody. The positive control is the tonsil with cellular localization occurring in the cell membrane.

CD45Ra is an excellent antigen to use in a variety of research purposes. Visit Spring Bioscience now to learn more about purchasing options.

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