Why Buy a Car from an Area Auto Dealer Rather than a Private Seller

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Auto Service & Car Repair

When buying a used car, you may find that making your intentions public will bring people to your door looking to sell you their car. Posts on social media, calls and messages from strangers or friends-of-friends asking you to take a look at their vehicle, offering you a better price than a local dealership possibly could – it can be overwhelming. What’s more, while it can be tempting to settle for a car offered by a private seller, you’re much better of choosing to shop with a local auto dealer. Here are a few reasons why.

What’s on Offer – A Closer Look at the Benefits of Buying from a Dealership

Buying from a private seller may seem like a good idea because of a potential upfront cash savings. However, compare what your local seller is offering to what dealers can offer, including but not limited to:

  • Financing options. Unlike private sellers, dealerships can secure financing assistance for you, as well as work with your bank to more easily land you a bank loan.
  • Warranties. No private seller is going to offer you a warranty on your purchase. Dealers, however, often can.
  • The potential for trade-ins, using your existing vehicle as part of the down payment toward your new acquisition.
  • Thorough inspection and repairs already are taken care of, if necessary.
  • Handling of any necessary paperwork by a professional.

Professionals Only!

Of course, the benefits of buying from a dealer only apply if you choose to go with a reliable, well-rated company. Look for industry and government certifications, and good reviews from past customers where available. Make sure that the care you’re buying is being offered by someone who understands why you’re shopping used in the first place.

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