Three Repairs That Require Professional Garage Door Repair Service In Tempe AZ

Many homeowners have garage doors installed because they’re convenient and they enhance the appearance of the home. Since a garage door has moving parts, it’s not uncommon for any of these components to wear out or break. Read the information below to learn about three garage door issues that require Garage Door Repair Service in Tempe AZ.

Remote Faulty

When the remote no longer controls the garage door, the fix may be simple, such as replacing the batteries. When the batteries become weak, the garage door may not function properly all the time. Individuals should replace the batteries to determine if that fixes the problem.

When individuals can only open their garage door when they’re close to it, there may be a problem of radio frequency interference. A professional garage door technician can identify the cause of the interference and prevent it from hindering the remote.

Springs Broken

Parts of the working mechanisms of garage doors are torsion and extension springs. The springs that are located at the top of the garage door are the torsion springs and the springs that are situated on both sides of the door are the extension springs. After extended use, it’s common for these springs to break.

When any one of these springs breaks, the garage door will fail to open. This repair can be difficult for inexperienced individuals to perform and therefore a qualified technician should be called to remove the broken springs and replace them.

Cables Worn

Garage doors have cables that are situated along the sides and bottom of the door. Worn cables can snap and this also prevents the door from opening. Normally, when a spring breaks, the cable will also break because of the tension on the cables and the springs.

Garage door cables can also be tricky and dangerous to replace for individuals who have never performed this repair. A technician who performs Garage Door Repair Service in Tempe AZ should be called immediately for quick repair.

Homeowners who need to have repairs done on their garage doors can contact the professionals at ASAP Door Repair & Service. Visit the website to learn more information about their services, which include glass and commercial doors, welding, custom fabrication and dock equipment. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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