Buying Property? 4 Ways a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You with the Paperwork

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Lawyers

One thing you’ll need to know about buying a piece of real estate is that it comes with a ton of paperwork. Sorting through those contracts and liens on your own, though, could be more than what you can handle, especially if you aren’t well-versed in looking over those legal documents and reviewing them for snags, loopholes and problems. That’s why hiring a real estate lawyer should go on top of your to-do list.

Review contracts

Your lawyer will look over those contracts to ensure it complies with state laws. In addition, lawyers also make sure there won’t be any issues in the future regarding the use of the property. Your lawyer will take the time to go over the contract and check if it’s thorough and detailed, with all the necessary information included. If there are any legal snags, s/he will find a way to fix it.

Address liens

Lawyers carry out a title search to verify if the property you plan on buying comes with liens or judgments. If that’s the case, your lawyer might advise you to consider other options. If you’re set on having that one, though, your lawyer will then help you sort things out, says Investopedia.

Transfer property

If the property is owned by corporations or partnerships, a lawyer can handle all the legal side of things to ensure the contract doesn’t violate any of the agreements of the trust or partnership. Lawyers also check the contract’s compliance with state laws.

File deeds

Lastly, when the property has been purchased and the deal finalized, your real estate lawyer takes care of the filing for you. Since real estate deeds need to be filed at both state and country levels, your lawyer can see to this with greater efficiency and speed, especially since they’re well able to cut through the red tape if you’re buying a commercial property.

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