Buying the Right Sports Bras for Outdoor Running

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Healthcare

Running is one of the most favoured types of exercises among women, because it improves cardiovascular fitness, helps to build strong bones and strengthens the muscles. What’s more, when you tie your laces and set off on an outdoor run, you can explore paths off the beaten track and fill your lungs with fresh air. To get the most out of every workout and to avoid painful injuries, it’s imperative that you invest in sports bras. Designed to prevent straining, discomfort and chafing, bras of this kind are specially crafted to protect your assets!

The Type of Support

Did you know that with every stride you take, your breasts will move more than nine centimetres? Unless you buy sports bras that keep your breasts in place, the supportive tissue that makes up the breast will begin to sag. The kind of support you require will depend on your body shape and bra size. It’s a case of trial and error when you hunt for the perfect bra. However, low-impact bras will prove useful for activities like Yoga and walking, whereas high-impact bras would be better for running, because they are designed with supportive seams and plenty of underwire.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Are you currently with child? Maybe you have recently given birth and are still in the process of breastfeeding? Whatever the case, you must find sports bras that offer all-round support. You can increase the level of support you get from a bra by fitting a crop top over it. Consider a bra with Velcro straps if you don’t want to splash out on different bras throughout your pregnancy, because these straps can be adjusted to provide you with more or less room. Another convenience of straps is that they can be taken off to allow for breastfeeding in-between runs.

Replacing the Bra

It’s important to remember that sports bras won’t last a lifetime, simply because they are not designed to. A typical bra will maintain its condition up to approximately 40 washes. Aim to change the bra each time you change you running shoes. You should refrain from tumble drying and allow the bra to dry naturally on your washing line if you want to make it last longer.

Shock Absorber is one of the most popular brands for sportswear because when compared to other brands, it is 50 percent more effective at minimising bounce while running. Think about your activity level and size before buying.

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