Call For Septic Tank Service in Stockbridge, GA

First-time septic tank owners should educate themselves about how the system works. If not, expensive repair bills may be in the future. Septic tanks contain bacteria that break down waste into solid matter and effluent. If the bacteria disappear, the consumer may need Septic Tank Service in Stockbridge GA.

How The System Works

A pipe carries most of the water from the house into the septic tank. Many consumers are unaware this water includes that from the washing machine. Therefore, homeowners should avoid having a wash day. Rather, small loads of laundry should be spread out during the week. Eventually, effluent or waste water leaves the septic tank through another pipe and flows to the drain field.

The drain field contains dirt with special bacteria that treat the effluent yet again. Afterward, the water seeps into the soil. Homeowners should avoid planting shrubs and trees near the drain field. Tree roots can grow into pipes and cause problems. If this occurs, Septic Tank Service in Stockbridge GA will be expensive. Also, call for service if a sulfur-like smell comes from the drain field or if there’s standing water.

Take Septic Precautions

The kitchen may contain garbage disposal, but it should not be used. That’s because the chewed-up garbage would flow into the septic tank. Remember, the tank cannot process this type of waste. Likewise, grease should not go down the drain. Grease forms a solid layer at the bottom of the tank. Indeed, this causes the tank to fill up quickly.

Experts also recommend limiting the use of harsh chemicals. The chemicals eventually end up in the septic tank and can destroy the bacteria. Further, there are products that should not go into the toilet like baby diapers and cigarettes. These things are not biodegradable and will take up space in the tank.

Pumping the Septic Tank

The septic tank should be inspected every three years. The contractor will open the tank to see if it needs pumping. Solid waste is removed during this process. However, a solid layer of grease must be dug out by hand. The company will likely charge more for this type of work. For more information, visit MTG Services.

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