Can Adults Wear Braces As Well?

Can Adults Wear Braces As Well?

Wearing braces has long been thought of as something that happens when a person is in their teens but braces are not just for teens. It is estimated that there are well over one million people in the US over the age of 18 wearing braces. Although orthodontic care is a dental specialty ask your general dentist if braces in Lombard are right for you.

Why would an adult need braces?

There are many adults that for one reason or another did not receive orthodontic treatment when they were young, the result is that their problems of over or under bite, crowded teeth or jaw joint disorders remain. The longer these problems are left untreated the greater the possibility of serious tooth decay, gum disease and headaches becomes and they continue to have speech and eating difficulties.

Is the treatment any different?

The treatment for adults is the same as it is for younger people, if there is any differences it is in the length of time that it takes to correct the problem. Regardless of age, once the teeth have been successfully straightened a retainer must be worn, something which is usually done only at night.

What braces are available?

All braces in Lombard are custom made dental appliances. Some orthodontists prefer to fit their adult patients with traditional metal braces but new technology and materials have resulted in less noticeable braces which are often the preferred choice of the adult patient. The types of braces that are available include:

   * Traditional metal braces fitted to the front of teeth
   * Lingual braces that have the brackets fitted to the backside of the teeth
   * Clear ceramic braces are fitted to the front of the teeth but unlike their metal counterparts they blend nicely with the color of the teeth
   * Invisible braces which consist of a series of removable aligners. The aligners put light pressure on the teeth; they are worn for about two weeks and then changed.

Regardless of the choice you make you will be extremely pleased with the results. Although it may take a couple of years, once the treatment plan has been finished you will have beautiful, straight teeth that you can be proud of.

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