Can Dentists in Providence RI Treat Dental Fractures?

Over time, teeth tend to wear and discolor. Many habits like eating, biting nails or other objects, can alter the appearance of a person’s smile. Because of this, many patients choose to undergo dental contouring to ensure his or her smile returns to its former glory. Currently, speaking dental aesthetics have become extremely important. A person’s smile has a fundamental role in his or her personal image. A beautiful smile provided by Dentists in Providence RI can enhance an individual’s appearance and should allow them to smile without having a complex.

What is dental contouring though? Otherwise known as enameloplasty, dental contouring is a process that occurs gradually. It is also delicate and requires several stages. It is designed to remove small amounts of tooth enamel to change its shape or size and improve its appearance. In many cases, dental contouring is used to straighten slightly crooked, pointed or protruding teeth. However, people must remember that dental contouring is not recommended to solve serious problems associated with position or size. In these cases, it is important to consider other aesthetic treatments such as veneers or dental crowns. Dental contouring is used by dentists in Providence RI to make small adjustments. Dental contouring provides several benefits to each patient:

Domain URL It eliminates imperfections so that the patient obtains a more beautiful and harmonious smile.

   *   It is painless, although it is performed without anesthesia. Sensitive areas can be detected easily.

   *   It facilitates better hygiene, as these small imperfections may favor the accumulation of plaque between teeth.

   *   If dental contouring is combined with other cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening, the results are very aesthetic without compromising the functionality of a smile.

According to several studies, up to 80% of people focus on another person’s smile when meeting them for the first time. A nice smile is the best introduction a person can make. Tooth loss is common for all children because it allows the first dentition (baby teeth) to form the smile, ensuring that the second dentition (adult teeth) have the best possible chances of lasting a lifetime. Having multiple teeth fall out is a serious sign that the oral health of the patient is suffering greatly. Most cases of tooth loss in adults are due to oral complications that originate with poor oral health. However, other factors such as tooth fractures or trauma can cause this issue too, get more information here.

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