Can Mattress Disposal in Minneapolis, MN Benefit the Environment?

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Business

Shopping for a new mattress can be lots of fun until a family realizes they aren’t sure how to get rid of the old one. After removing it from the room, it might sit in the garage for weeks or even months until the right solution can be found. Many families don’t realize that Mattress Disposal in Minneapolis MN no longer means making a trip to the dump. Actually, mattresses can be recycled and their contents used in other ways to prevent taking up space in the landfill, all while protecting the environment. When it comes to Mudek Trucking and J & J Recycling Minneapolis MN residents, have the option to avoid tossing their mattress in the trash and instead, allowing it to be turned into something new.

Many of the parts of a mattress can be completely transformed and reused. The wood that creates the structure of a box spring mattress can be separated from everything else and, once the staples are removed, can be placed in a wood chipper. This creates mulch that can be used in landscaping projects to help protect plants and help them grow. This means that through Mattress Disposal in Minneapolis MN, residents are actually helping to promote plant life in the area. And because the chips prevent water from evaporating rapidly, residents can even reduce the amount of water it takes to keep a yard looking great.

The wood in a mattress isn’t the only part that can be reused. Much of the foam can be shredded and then turned into other things. The pads that movers use to prevent scratching and damage to furniture can be created from the shredded mattress. Even the layer of padding beneath carpets can come from things like shredded mattresses. This means that instead of sitting in a landfill, the mattress is actually being used to make it more comfortable to walk around the house.

While the backyard, the inside of the home, and even the environment is benefiting from mattress recycling, man’s best friend can also be a recipient of pieces of a used mattress. Some of the outer cloth that holds the mattress together can be used in the creation of dog beds. Once again, the materials are being re-purposed instead of being thrown away.

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