How Can You Receive Proper Compensation for Your Pain?

How Can You Receive Proper Compensation for Your Pain?

How do you gauge pain in a legal sense? This is a question both lawyers and clients have had to ponder for years, especially within modernized society. Exactly how much is each type of pain worth? Each degree? How do you compensate a broken limb versus a newly acquired but lifelong disability? No matter where you may lie on the spectrum, you deserve an answer to the question as well as the proper compensation. Read on to learn how a Woodridge medical malpractice lawyer can help you in this regard.

What Is “Pain and Suffering,” Exactly?

There are two different types of pain that can be covered in legal cases. The first is a mental pain. This typically unfolds as the result of trauma, harassment, abuse or some combination of these factors. Say your doctor didn’t give you enough anesthetic or forced you into a procedure without your consent or full knowledge of what was to come. Both of the aftereffects of these situations can develop into mental illness, which can impair your quality of life.

The second type of pain is physical. Perhaps that procedure you endured wasn’t performed properly, or the injury you sought treatment for hasn’t healed correctly due to improper medical assistance. Worse yet, physical and mental pain can occur together. A Woodridge medical malpractice lawyer can help you identify the pain you’re experiencing and approach your case accordingly.

How to Strengthen Your Case

As you well know, the courts won’t go by word of mouth alone. You and your Woodridge medical malpractice lawyer will have to work together to provide the proper documentation of your pain, so the courts will know the full extent of it and be able to award you the proper compensation. This may involve keeping a journal that describes how your injuries impact your life from day to day; medical documentation for the treatment you received; photographs of the wounds you sustained and more.

Don’t let the courts place an unfair price tag on your injuries! Call Mary Ann Covone, P.C., Attorney at Law at 708-­246-­4911 or visit the official website to get in touch with a Woodridge medical malpractice lawyer today.

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