Canopy Tents – Use and Care Suggestions

Call them what you will, they’ve had several names over the years. Some people call them canopy tents, but they are also referred to as pop-up canopies, shade tents, sun blockers and portable gazebos, just to name a few. These structures are portable and light weight, easy to use and store.

Canopy tents are used around the world for several different functions. Some of these include:

 * Shade at bazaars and outdoor markets
 * Temporary shelters for travelers
 * Sun shades for guests at outdoor functions, like reunions and casual dinners
 * Shelter from weather, wind and rain
 * Covers for vendor goods at outdoor trade shows
 * Shade and privacy providers for beach enthusiasts

Most canopies are built for ease of use, portability and efficiency. They are typically covered with a polyester material and use aluminum or stainless steel for frames. As they are open sided, often without walls, these are simple structures without too many parts. Many of them are easily assembled with one or two people and take only minutes to set up. This is a great advantage when you don’t have too many people on hand to set up and disassemble. Most people prefer fast and easy assembly and take-down.

Caring for your shade tent is easy. Wash the canopy cover with a gentle soap and warm water. Dry it by hanging on a line or spreading out on the ground. Do not pack a wet canopy – it could grow mold or mildew. Bleach is not recommended, as it could cause discoloration or damage the polyester protective coating.

Clean the frame with a clean rag and warm water, but be sure to dry it, so it doesn’t rust or develop corrosion. Use a silicone spray on the frame’s metal and movable parts to ensure ease of use. Check the screws and bolts each time you set up your canopy. Tighten them as necessary, but do not over-tighten. This could cause damage and weaken the canopy tent.

By taking good care of your canopy tent after each use, you’ll ensure it stays in good shape for years to come.

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