Do You Have Mold On Your Main Line?

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Home & Garden

Probably, you have never given this question any thought and it is quite likely you have no real idea about what your main line actually is.

Static Buildings

This is where you are more likely to detect the presence of mold. This applies equally to private homes and business properties. So, where does their musty smell originate from? The mustiness is a sure sign that there are mold spores in the air inside the building.

Mold Spores

Microscopic air borne mold spores are the way in which thousands of different types of fungi in the mold family set out to form now colonies and they are nearly everywhere in the natural, outside world. It is extremely difficult and very expensive to stop these spores from getting indoors. Once indoors, should a single spore happen to land in a moist area with some form of nourishment present; it will start to replicate and fairly soon a very visible colony of mold will develop.

This colony will, in turn, send out new spores to drift around within the building – this is what you can smell. The smell is only slightly unpleasant; but, it can be decidedly unhealthy causing asthmatic like respiratory ailments to people who inhale the spores. The main way to avoid this is to ensure that there are no moist nourishing places for spores to colonize.

What If Your Precautions Haven’t Worked?

This is when you will have mold colonies forming. However, finding them can be tricky since many colonies are located in out of sight or inaccessible places. One such place involves your water supply system.

Your water supply company runs pipelines around their supply area which are sometimes referred to as water mains or “main lines”. Branch lines are then run into and around your building which pass the water through and on to the main sewerage outlet line. The point where the company’s pipes merge with your pipes will have a control valve and possibly a meter. Since this is not a particularly attractive looking arrangement; it will be hidden away from sight.

It is unlikely that you will ventilate; let alone dehumidify, this place; so it is likely to become mold friendly. This will be exacerbated should leaks appear in the pipework or fittings. This may well be where the mustiness emanates from and you could well be in need of Mold Remediation For Main Line area water supply places. If this is the case; you would be well advised to call in experts such as the PMSi Mold Treatment Division.

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