Add a Splash of Color to Your Décor with a Cherry Blossom Wall Decal

You do not necessarily need wallpaper to decorate a wall. You can provide an interesting look with a decorative decal. In fact, a decal is the ideal way to accessorize a wall as it can easily be removed and replaced with another type of decal or wall covering if you so choose.

Add a Decal Instead of Wallpaper to Your Wall

That is why many homeowners and apartment dwellers like using decals such as a cherry blossom wall decal for display. You can also choose from other types of tree designs. This type of decorative accent can be placed on the wall of a bedroom, nursery, living room, or kitchen. Wherever you have some wall space you want to adorn, you can add this type of decal.

A Cherry Blossom Pattern and Design

When making a selection for a cherry blossom wall decal, you will need to choose the colors for the tree trunk and flowers. Normally, a tree type of decal features a gray or black tree trunk and flower colors that come in one of a variety of hues. For example, you can choose colors such as hot pink, soft pink, light blue, plumberry, red, or white.

Making a Color Selection

However, when you choose a cherry blossom wall decal, you normally will select from a gray trunk with blue and white flowers or a dark brown trunk with traditional hot pink and white flowers. You can also select how the design should be directed, either to the left or the right.

A Hand-Painted Look

This type of decal is the ideal way to enliven the looks of a wall at a low cost. Decals are made with removable self-adhesives and create a hand-painted effect on a wall. Customers normally receive a practice sample and squeegee with each order so they know what they are doing when they finally apply the decal.

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