Unique Wedding Venues in Miami

You have selected a wedding date, and now it is time to select a location. No cookie-cutter wedding for you. You want something unique. So, what are some unique Miami wedding venues? Well, that all depends on what you like.

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is not for everyone but for those who love it then a skydiving wedding is perfect. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body as you are pronounced married while falling from your 13,500-foot jump. The full experience can even be captured on video to preserve the memories.

If an adrenaline rush is not for you, then you can get married among the zoo animals. The event center at Zoo Miami will host outdoor weddings while tigers and flamingos greet your friends.

If you like culture, then The Perez Art Museum is the perfect venue. This contemporary art museum will host your wedding among the unique architecture of the museum for an unforgettable wedding. You will have views of Biscayne Bay, lush vegetation from the live hanging canopy, modern art, and plenty of outdoor space.

You can also make your day truly special by sailing to romantic heights in a hot air balloon. Hot air balloons do not allow for many people so for larger weddings more balloons can be rented. Multiple balloons will create a unique wedding especially if done just after sunset with a balloon glow! It is the intimate experience of a lifetime.

Then there are themed weddings. Victorian steampunk weddings are unique and provide a fun element to any wedding. The roaring twenties or Gatsby-inspired weddings can transport guests to another era. There is no end to the type of theme wedding.

When searching for a unique Miami wedding venue, keep in mind the number of guest attending, your budget, catering, and venue restrictions. Ultimately you will want a wedding venue that can host the type and style of wedding you choose.

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