Why Laser Cataract Surgery in Oahu is Becoming the Preferred Option

Why Laser Cataract Surgery in Oahu is Becoming the Preferred Option

While it is an issue that mainly senior citizens deal with, cataracts can be a problem. Cataracts are an optical condition where the natural lens of a person’s eye becomes cloudy. This can obstruct vision and, as this condition advances, can completely obscure a person’s vision. Fortunately, cataract surgery has been around for a while and is proven to work.

In the past, the surgeon would create a small incision around the lens in a person’s eye to expose the lens itself. Then, ultrasound waves were used to break apart the cataract and remove it. From there, an artificial lens was typically put into place allowing for a person to have improved vision. Today, however, Laser Cataract Surgery in Oahu is the preferred method of dealing with cataracts.

Precise Incisions

Using a laser is beneficial as the laser can create a precise incision around the outer edges of the lens to successfully remove it. Also, the laser is also used to not only remove the lens but to break up the cataract. Why this is important is because a laser uses less energy than ultrasound waves.

Fewer Risks

The energy that is applied to the eye can cause a great deal of swelling which can potentially affect a person’s vision permanently. However, lesser levels of energy are needed with a laser, thus reducing the short-term swelling issues. Also, this can help significantly in the long-term vision problems that have often been attributed to corneal swelling due to the use of ultrasound waves.

Not as Invasive

Also, Laser Cataract Surgery in Oahu is much less invasive. It is often a simple outpatient procedure with few if any, complications. Also, because this procedure is being used more often, the cost of laser cataract surgery has decreased significantly over the years.

Whether is the convenience, cost, or maximizing the efficiency of a cataract procedure, laser cataract surgery is a great option. If you are suffering from the beginning stages of cataracts, you may want to start looking into the prospect of laser surgery. While it is not as new as it was, it is still a relatively modern procedure, and it’s one that you should look at all the pros and cons before deciding. For more information on this or other vision treatments, check out Hawaii Vision Clinic.

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