Why You Should Be Eating Grass-Fed Natural Beef

Why You Should Be Eating Grass-Fed Natural Beef

There is a lot of buzz in recent years about grass-fed, grain-finished natural beef. Everyone from dieters to doctors and everyone in between is talking about this supposedly-superior product, but is it really any better? Here are just a few of the reasons people are falling in love with grass-fed, grain-finished beef:

Heart Health

The beef that results from cows being raised on a steady diet of grass and other foraged foods is a more natural product, as close as possible to the way the meat would taste if it were taken from an animal without human intervention. While this may sound like it would only appeal to those who are interested in animal health and welfare – and few diners or dieters – the fact is that grass-fed, grain-finished beef is also lower in overall fat. It’s also higher in beneficial fatty acids, giving it heart-healthy benefits that only this kind of beef can offer.

Better Bodies by Beef

With more and more people focusing on higher protein and healthy fat consumption – such as that seen in the Paleo or popular Keto diet – there are more athletes and everyday dieters looking to beef up their meat consumption. The protein available in grass-fed, grain-finished beef is at its optimal state and the meat may also be higher in vitamins and minerals than its traditionally-farmed cousins in the meat case. For those watching what they eat right down to where it was raised, this is the best way to enjoy a nice steak dinner.

More Accessible than You’d Think

When many people think of grass-fed, grained-finished natural beef, they think of overpriced natural foods stores or grocery markets that take an out-of-town trip to get to. However, there are more and more merchants offering grass-fed, grain-finished beef products every year – many of which might be right in your own town!

If this isn’t the case for you, there are also several options for home-delivery of all-natural beef products, so be sure to check on options in your area. You might just find that eating better beef is easier than you ever thought possible!

*USDA defines All Natural as containing no artificial ingredients and being minimally processed. We hold Hope All Natural* Beef to a higher standard.

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