Types of Auto Software and Their Benefits

Types of Auto Software and Their Benefits

When most people think of auto software, they think of management programs that track inventory, create invoices, and send tickets to the technicians. While these programs are included, there are many other options available that could help you streamline your daily operations. Learning more about them can help you determine which ones are best for your needs.

Car Wash

Owning a car wash can be an exciting way to earn money, but it also means trying to implement the digital times. Of course, people have to go to the location to clean their vehicle, but you can create a fresh approach to management. You can get help with marketing, greeting customers, and automate a lot of systems.

Quick Lube POS

Having a POS (point of sale system) is essential if you want to keep up with the customers and make it easier for the technicians and administrative staff. They can ring up services quickly, provide estimates to customers, and send the work tickets to the technicians, either by how long it takes to complete the work or first-in/first-out scenarios.


You can also choose auto software in the form of a kiosk. People can drive or walk up to them and get helpful information or request service. For example, they can see how many customers are ahead of them and estimated times so that they can determine if they have time to get help now or should wait a few hours. You can also use the kiosk to sell gift cards, subscriptions, give email receipts, display advertisements, and much more.


You can also create applications for use on smartphones and tablets that allow you to track management needs (such as inventory, customer information and more). You can also offer apps to your customers so that they can get helpful information or schedule service. Visit the website egenuity.com for more information.

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