Why Maine Lobsters Make for a Much Better Choice

You’ve decided to cook lobster for the Sunday brunch with your family. Here’s how to go about it.

Maine or rock lobster?

There are two types of lobsters you can order. There are spiny lobsters which have no claws and only come as tails. With Maine lobsters, you can get the whole lobster or the lobster tails.

Why Maine lobsters?

If you’re wondering about the difference between Maine and rock lobsters, the answer is this: Maine lobsters are undoubtedly the star of the show. People prefer to buy Maine lobsters over rock lobsters, because its meat is sweeter and more flavorful. Also, if you love claw meat, then you’ll want to have fresh Maine lobster shipped to your doorstep, Kitchen Sanity says.

New shell or hard shell?

The buying process doesn’t stop once you’ve set your mind on getting Maine lobsters. You’ll need to decide whether to go for mature lobsters with a hard shell or the shredders with a soft shell. While hard shell lobsters have more meat, they also tend to taste brinier than soft-shell lobsters. If you want a sweeter flavor for your recipe, choose lobsters with a softer shell.

Male or female?

Only females have the roe. If you love that part of the lobster, you’ll want to put in a bigger order for female lobsters. These are also ideal for adding more flavor to your dish.


The bigger the lobster, the more expensive it will be. Lobsters can go from a pound to jumbo size, which is about two and a half pounds. Decide on the number of your guests and the number of lobsters you’ll need before you put in order to get fresh Maine lobster shipped to your home.

Enjoy cooking up a lobster feast. Get the meat you need stress-free when you order it online.

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