Caring for Your Flat Roofing in Orange Park, FL

Caring for Your Flat Roofing in Orange Park, FL

Flat roofing is an excellent roofing choice for your home. It is safe to walk around on, offers a unique look, and can cost less than types of slanted roofing. However, in order to avoid costly repairs down the road, it is important to maintain your flat roof.

Cleaning Debris Helps Roof’s Lifespan

The lifespan of flat roofing depends on the materials used for the roof and on how well the roof is maintained and cared for. Maintenance should occur every fall and spring as well as after any major weather event. Regularly checking your roof will prevent larger problems with it down the road, such as a full roof replacement. As part of your maintenance, hire a professional periodically to clean your roof and get rid of things such as leaves and other debris. This should also happen after a major storm, especially if there is a lot of debris left behind.

Check for Splits and Cracks

One major benefit to having a flat roof is that it’s easy and safe to walk on, making it easy to do inspections and cleaning on it. When performing an inspection, look carefully for splits and cracks in the roof. While these may need a professional repair job, catching these problems before they persist will save you from a larger and more costly repair in the future. Splits and cracks are caused by water ponding, freezing and thawing, other roof stress, and even poor workmanship. This is why it’s crucial to check your roof, especially after extreme weather. Flat roofing can be especially vulnerable to these problems. However, these problems will be minimal if the roof is properly managed and checked.

If you need maintenance or a repair for your flat roofing in Orange Park, FL, contact Keith Stern Roofing. Even a simple routine check is crucial in giving your roof a long life.

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