Carpet Cleaning in Suffolk County: Protecting Your Investment

Carpet Cleaning in Suffolk County: Protecting Your Investment

There are many different types of carpeting and each will require specific cleaning methods. The length of the pile, the material and the age all determine what type of protection it needs. Carpet Cleaning in Suffolk County is important for hygienic and aesthetic reasons, but also because it helps the material to last longer. Extending the life of any carpet saves homeowners money and that is a good enough reason to want to make certain it is done right.

Cleaning Polyester Carpets

Polyester carpeting is popular and affordable and many brands are now made from recycled materials. This material can crush easily and show wear quickly. Experts recommend that homeowners vacuum areas of high traffic every couple of days and other areas at least once a week. It is very stain resistant, so immediately removing spills with a basic stain remover and damp rag is usually sufficient. Deep cleaning once a year will remove any debris that is difficult for a vacuum to reach.

Protecting Nylon Carpets

Carpet Cleaning in Suffolk County is easy when a home has nylon carpeting. The durable fabric can withstand most household cleaning products. Cleaning up spills is even easier on nylon as it is with polyester because the fabric is naturally stain resistant. Eliminate most stubborn stains by washing with a mixture of club soda and lemon juice and rinsing with water. Deep cleaning once a year will protect the material and keep it looking beautiful.

Preserving Wool Carpets

Wool produces some of the highest-quality carpets on the market and homeowners should carefully preserve the carpeting and their investment. Harsh chemical and abrasive materials damage wool fibers. Vacuuming daily will prevent the fibers from being damaged by dirt and using only gentle cleaning products is important. Deep clean twice a year to remove any sand or grit stuck into the material.

These are three of the most popular materials for carpeting, but they are not all that is available. Many homeowners have carpeting that was in place when they moved into their home and may not know what material they have. The best solution is to hire a cleaning service before attempting anything that may damage the carpet.

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