Cash 2 U Lets You Get The Cash and Keep The Car

Obtaining a loan should be a simple and quick process, but this is not true about all types of loans. A traditional bank loan takes a long time to become approved and there is a lot of hassle to go through to get one. Cash 2 U offers a loan alternative that makes a lot of sense. This company offers personalized attention and a quick and easy process to get a loan. They offer car title loans and allow their customers to keep the car during the repayment period. There are very few requirements and no hoops to jump through to gain approval for this short-term loan option.

In order to qualify for this type of loan, the applicant will need a Florida driving license, a Florida vehicle title, a valid insurance policy, and will need to show proof of residency, income, and a current phone bill. These are very easy requirements and most people meet them easily. The vehicle has to be a 2004 model or newer, have under 130,000 miles driven on it, be in good working condition and free from other liens. These are very simple terms and the loan will be repaid in within one year. The best part is the applicant can continue driving the car while they are repaying the loan.

A credit check is not required to become approved for this type of loan. This is a relief for a lot of people who have less than stellar credit scores. The amount that can be borrowed varies from person to person, but up to $3000.00 may be available, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. This amount of money can help those who are in a financial jam. It is important to work with an experienced lender offering an excellent reputation. It is helpful to visit  to learn more about the loan process or to complete an online application.

Cash 2 U offers personalized services for their clients and a quick and easy loan process. This helps the applicant to get the money they need very fast. Same-day funding is available and no credit check is ever required for this type of loan approval.

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