The advantages of installing a geothermal climate control system

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Heating and Cooling

When you live in an area that has great extremes of temperatures, with hot summers and icy winters, having a reliable heating and cooling system in your home is not negotiable. When you realize that you have a source of energy to provide that climate control system right beneath the surface of your home, you might think that was too good to be true. However, this is where geothermal energy comes into play. The sunshine that envelops the earth every day is being stored in the crust of the earth – almost half of it is stored. What happens then is that geothermal systems in Syracuse, and elsewhere in the world, can tap into this energy source. The system operates on a loop, whereby warm air can be extracted from the ground during winter, and the system can be reversed in summer to extract the warm air from a home.

The advantages of geothermal systems
Geothermal energy has low running costs and can provide savings over energy generated by fossil fuels because it doesn’t need to be transported – you use the energy that is stored in the ground under your home. Oil prices are in flux, but are set to rise again, while geothermal energy will maintain its cost for the foreseeable future. Once your system is installed, the cost of the initial outlay will be recouped over a period of years, and then you’ll be in the position where you’ll be immune to the shortages or increased costs of fossil fuel based energy.  Preliminary research estimates that you can save between 30 – 60% on heating bills and between 20 and 25% on cooling. This would mean that the initial outlay will be covered fairly quickly. This is on top of putting you in a situation where you’ll be using renewable energy and won’t be contributing to the release of further damaging greenhouse gases.

Installing a system
A geothermal systems works through ducts, just as any other climate control system. The warm air that is extracted from your home in summer can also be used to preheat the water in your hot water heater, so this further adds to the cost savings. For more information, you can access the Nodine’s website, to learn more about the geothermal system that could be installed in your home.

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