Cash 2 U in West Palm Beach FL: Quick, Easy, and Reasonable Car Title Loans

It seems that most people find themselves strapped for money once in a while. Payday loans are often an answer with terrible results. The interest rates are exorbitant and sometimes a cycle begins of payday loans to pay off payday loans because the interest causes the amount owed to grow so quickly. Thankfully car title loans are available to those who own their cars. Cash 2 U in West Palm Beach FL offers an easier and much more comfortable way to borrow money.

In many instances, a person can have the money they need in hand within an hour. The trick is to have all paperwork in order. What is needed to receive an easy car title loan is a valid Florida driver’s license, proof of Florida residency, auto-insurance policy details or insurance card, proof of income and a Florida automobile. The automobile must be in good working condition and be a 2004 model year or later. It should have 130,000 miles or less on the odometer and not be attached to any other liens. In most cases, a car which fits that description can yield up to $3,000.00 in cash.

The beauty of these types of loans is that there is no credit check, so there is no concern for being turned down for that reason. Also, with a car title loan, the borrower has up to a year in most cases to pay off the loan. If the borrower chooses to pay off the loan early, there is no pre-payment penalty. There are no application fees, no hidden charges and the loan is a simple-interest loan. Therefore, the balance doesn’t grow substantially like that of the payday loans. The borrower also gets to keep on driving their automobile. Nothing would be worse than getting a loan and not being able to drive to work to make money to pay it off. If the borrower pays on time, it’s like having a car payment, nothing more.

Cash 2 U in West Palm Beach FL is a title lender that helps those in need of money in a hurry. If you’re in a financial bind, need money and own a car that can be offered up for cash, click here and start the process. There’s a short application to complete along with presenting all documents. In a short amount of time, you can drive away in your own car with a handful of cash.

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