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The question which comes up frequently is whether online CBAP training is a better option than physical classroom CBAP training.

Undoubtedly, physical classroom training with a trainer allows one to get the highest touchpoint with the faculty. On the other hand, online CBAP training offers many advantages which are not available in classroom training.

Here are the few aspects where online CBAP training score over traditional physical classroom training.

1. Access to finest Global Mentors

In a physical classroom, training is usually delivered by a single faculty from the city/ area. Online classroom training, on the other hand, can take advantage of the finest faculties from any part of the world. The quality of faculty in online CBAP training is higher than physical classroom training.

2. Ongoing interactions over a period of time

It is possible to organize ongoing interaction with the past participants for years as organizing online training is much more cost-effective. It is possible for the participants to stay in touch with the faculty for much longer periods which is impossible in the case of classroom training.

3. Global BA participants

Physical classroom training is typically limited to the business analysts who are in the city or live close to the city. Online CBAP training has participants from across the globe. One gets a perspective as to how business analysts around the globe are performing their tasks, what kind of challenges they are facing, what kind of practices they are following, what kind of tools they are using. This obviously is not possible when you interact with business analysts from a single location.

4. Recorded sessions for future reference

It’s quite expensive to record physical sessions as one would need additional camera arrangements and person to do the recording. It is quite cost-effective to record online sessions and keep them for future reference.

5. Lower overall cost

Physical classroom training would require a person to travel to the venue which consumes valuable time and also incurs some amount of cost. Online training does not require any travel or do not involve any additional time commitment to attend the training

6. Shorter and more effective sessions

Physical classroom training is usually a full-day session because of high venue costs.  Online training sessions can be much shorter, even up to 2 hours per session. This allows the participants to absorb the concepts much better when compared to trying to absorb content in an 8 hours schedule. Absorption is difficult after 5 to 6 hours of training.

7. Online systems are seeing rapid improvement

A traditional demerit that people have assigned to online training is the fewer number of human touch points in comparison to physical classroom training. However, the advances in telecommunication systems now allow fairly high-quality video and audio interactions between the faculty and participants. The traditional disadvantage has reduced significantly over the last decade and hopefully, the ability to interact better will improve as the digital technologies improve.

We would recommend that you give online CBAP training a try which is far more convenient, cost-effective, and allows you to experience the best CBAP faculties in the world.

Adaptive US has been conducting online CBAP training sessions for close to 4 years now. More than 150 professionals have qualified as CBAPs after attending our online training. You can view the feedback on our Customer Success Stories page. Our online training programs have an equally good success rate as any classroom training.

Do join us for a free BABoK webinar session to experience how you can take advantage of our online CBAP training.

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