Taking Care Of Hardwood Flooring In Your Gilbert Home

Taking Care Of Hardwood Flooring In Your Gilbert Home

When many people think of hardwood for their floor, they think of the old hardwood that required stripping, staining, waxing and polishing on a regular basis. Today, thanks to revolutionary processing technology, hardwood flooring is a low-maintenance, long-lasting and incredibly beautiful addition to any Gilbert home.

It is important to read the instructions for care provided by the manufacturer of the hardwood floor selected for your home. Not all hardwood is the same, and some manufacturers indicate the use of specific products to care for the flooring. It is highly recommended to take the time to read care instructions before choosing a flooring type.

There are some general guidelines to consider any type of hardwood. The experts at Home Solutionz have developed some simple considerations when looking after your hardwood flooring.

Waxed Wood Floors

New options in the wax products used on waxed wood for floors makes cleaning simple. Generally, sweeping and light cleaning with a damp mop is all that is required for everyday types of dirt on any type of hardwood in a home in Gilbert.

Routine deep cleaning for these floors includes the use of a specialized cleaning product. These products both remove the dirt as well as add layer of wax, ensuring a lustrous, smooth surface with minimal work.

Polyurethane Floors

The other option in hardwood flooring is a polyurethane coating. This is a more durable coating, and it does not need to be replaced like a wax coating. Instead, these floors are usually cleaned with a combination of vinegar and water.

There are also specialized cleaning products for wood flooring that are sold under different brand names. These products provide information on how to test the product before first-time use and how to correctly clean the floor to provide the best-finished look.

To find out more tips and ideas for cleaning and maintaining hardwood flooring, talk to the experts at Home Solutionz. More information is always available through the website at www.homesolutionz.com.

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