Getting the Right Floor Tile for Your Room

Getting the Right Floor Tile for Your Room

Installing a new tile floor in your home is an exciting experience. Tile comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to design your room as you want. However, you need to keep in mind that not all tile will go with all floor surfaces. You’ll need to understand which tiles work best for certain situations. Use these tips to pick out the best tile for your room’s floor.

Hardness is an Important Factor

There is a very important rating related to floor tiles Phoenix known as the Moh’s scale. The basic use of this measurement is to indicate how much weight or traffic a floor can bear. These ratings are based on actual scientific studies. You should pay attention to this number to make sure your floors are appropriate for the room use.

Porosity is Also Important

Aside from the hardness, you should also take a look at a tile’s porosity. The first think you’ll notice is that this number is expressed as a percentage. It is intended to express how much of the tile is solid as opposed to porous. If you are looking for a surface that will be totally water resistant, you need to find one with a 0.5 percent rating. Those rated 3 and above will absorb water that is spilled onto the surface. You will need to decide which level is appropriate for your room.

Prepare for Slippage

Everyone knows that tile can cause you to slip more than a rug. Therefore, you need to make sure your surface is safe to walk on. Floor tiles Phoenix come in all different types of finish. You may opt for a slip resistant model to make sure that residents of the home are safe. You might also choose a smaller tile size to add more grip to the floor.

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