Where to Use Which Flooring Materials

Where to Use Which Flooring Materials

Deciding which flooring to use in the different areas of your Midvale home can be a difficult decision. There are so many different flooring options choose from, that it’s easy to get a bit confused. Let’s do a quick guide about what flooring materials are appropriate for the different areas of your home.

High-Traffic Versus Low-Traffic

The first thing you should do when trying to decide on flooring is to figure out which areas of your home see the most traffic. Naturally, you will think of your entryways, but what about your stairs and upstairs hallways? Are the kids going to be running in and out of the playroom? Front door and patio entryway.

This may be a little formal, but ceramic tile, stone, and other durable services will be the easiest to keep clean and the longest wearing.

  • Garage entryway and utility room. When it comes to muddy boots, dogs, kids and lots of stuff, flooring in waterproof and durable linoleum tile is a great way to keep maintenance down while still looking clean and classic.
  • Staircase. Using removable carpet runners makes the staircase easy to keep clean while at the same time making sure that nobody slips and falls on bare wood.
  • Upstairs hallway. Keeping the upstairs quiet helps to keep the noise level down. Consider carpeting or even a sealed cork floor.

· Bedrooms and playrooms need something a little softer.

Consider carpet installation in these areas. Wool or synthetic carpeting has an insulating effect to help keep big and little feet warm while cutting down on the noise of footsteps.

For those worried about carpet installation in the home, modern synthetics and other materials have low VOC emissions and have thick barefoot friendly piles. Very good quality carpets can have as much as 100 ounces of material to the square foot. A local Midvale company like Utah Flooring and Design can help you choose the best materials for your flooring needs.

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