Use The Resources Of Raleigh Office Moving Companies

Use The Resources Of Raleigh Office Moving Companies

Most businesses in Raleigh need to complete their moves with the shortest amount of downtime for the company. This often means trying to plan a local move or even a long distance move to coincide with a weekend, off-peak times for the company or even over a long holiday weekend.

Planning these types of moves is all about structure and organization. Experienced office moving companies can be instrumental in providing both information and support as well as the moving crews and equipment needed to get the job done on the timeline required by the business.

Start Planning Well in Advance

Most business moves are not last-minute decisions and are usually planned months in advance. As soon as the dates and locations are known, start contacting office moving companies and getting quotes.

Do not use general movers that provide residential moving services. Moving offices, retail space and other types of businesses require a different set of planning and moving skills to get the job done. In most offices, there is the need to break down and reassemble furniture, to pack and safely move office equipment and to manage electronics and computers to avoid any damage.

Ask for A Moving Coordinator

The top office moving companies in Raleigh provide every business with a move coordinator or move consultant or adviser. These professionals work with your in-house team to structure and plan the move.

This includes determining what items can be packed in advance, managing surplus equipment and planning the number of crews, trucks and specialized services are required.

This person also serves as a single point of contact for any questions before, during and after the move. He or she typically is present during the move itself, helping to streamline the move and keep the move on schedule.

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