Fine Dining a la Carte in Downtown Dallas

Fine Dining a la Carte in Downtown Dallas

When you go to a local restaurant to enjoy a good meal, you sit down and browse the menu. You might notice a wide selection of foods and beverages and most of them come as complete meals. However, some fine dining establishments in downtown Dallas offer a la carte options. Here are some of the benefits of this convenient dining choice.

What is A la Carte?

Suppose you order a steak from the menu. It may come with your choice of cooked potatoes, and maybe a salad. You can order side dishes too. This is how many people order their meals, but there is another choice with a la carte fine dining in downtown Dallas.

“A la carte” means ordering your food “by the menu” as opposed to ordering meals at a set price. For example, maybe you only feel like eating a steak. With a la carte, you can order only steak, but you can include anything else off the menu. You never have to hear, “Sorry but this meal does not come with rice.”

Sharing Meals

It is easier to share meals with others when you order your food a la carte. For instance, suppose the portions are too large for you, and you would like to share with another person. Just order one steak, and a large salad and your server is happy to accommodate your needs.

Only Eat What You Pay For

With many set menu items, you might not like everything, but you still order it. For instance, maybe you really want the baked chicken breast and mashed potatoes, but would rather have something besides their choice of vegetables. Thanks to a la carte fine dining in downtown Dallas, you can have anything on the menu. Of course, the best restaurants also offer set menu ordering to give you the most options.

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