Certified Pre-Owned Vs. Used Cars

Certified Pre-Owned Vs. Used Cars

As new car prices continue to increase, many savvy car buyers are visiting a used car dealer in Chicago that offers both used cars and certified pre-owned vehicles. For a long time the problem with used cars has been that the buyer really doesn’t know what he or she is really getting. Of course, as the quality of new cars gets better and better, this becomes less of an issue but still a concern. The solution lies with certified pre-owned cars, they are used but before they are resold they are subjected to very strict quality controls.

What does “certified pre-owned” really mean?

Certified pre-owned is not a marketing tool, a CPO vehicle, although used, normally has no more than 60 thousand miles on the odometer and less than five years old. To qualify as a CPO car a used Chevy dealer in Chicago ensures that the car is put through a very rigorous, multi-point inspection before it is given an extended warranty as part of the CPO benefits program.

The difference between a used car and a CPO car:

A CPO car has been subjected to a multi-point inspection; any and all worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced before being sold. It is possible to get the same level of confidence with a typical used car but the buyer will be responsible for the cost of the inspection and repairs. A used car normally is offered with the balance of the factory warranty while a CPO car comes with an extended warranty and a host of services that often include a scheduled maintenance program.

When a used Chevy dealer in Chicago gets a high quality used car as a trade-in or a car that is being returned off lease, it is subjected to an inspection. If the car meets the strict specifications set by the CPO program, it is sold as such. You can expect a CPO car to have low mileage and be in excellent condition; always the highest quality used car available.

Hawk Bridgeview is a used Chevy dealer in Chicago that is justifiably proud of selling the best used cars and certified pre-owned cars available. You are invited to visit Hawk Bridgeview any day of the week and discuss your used car requirements with one of the knowledgeable and friendly staff members.

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