Charged with Fraud or Embezzlement? Call a White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Timonium MD

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Criminal Lawyer

Being accused of a crime can be a personal and family catastrophe. Not only is it embarrassing and humiliating to be arrested, possibly handcuffed and taken to jail, booked and locked up, the stress and trauma affects all involved. Whether eventually found to be innocent or guilty, the deleterious effects of the entire process will impact one’s life and family for years, perhaps forever.

The arrest and arraignment are often only the beginning of a process that can easily continue for years. Even when out on bail and awaiting a court appearance, frequent reminders occur with regularity. An attorney who will stand by the accused throughout the grand jury, entering of pleas, pre-trial meetings, depositions, jury selection and subsequent trial is a must. Competent legal assistance is frequently the only thing standing between someone accused of a crime and jail time. The law firm of Maria Caruso is a White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Timonium MD specializes in representing clients charged with such crimes as embezzlement and fraud. This type crime can be more complex and complicated than most. Not all attorneys have the knowledge base and the experience to fully understand each case, and to competently defend their client.

Crimes usually referred to as white collar more often than not involve persons who are known to one another, such as employer-employee, investor-client or business partner or stockholder. In these cases it is difficult many times not to confront the accuser or their representative. The experienced White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Timonium MD will carefully and completely advise and admonish the client to refrain. It is as important to maintain one’s decorum while awaiting trial as it is to remain silent upon arrest until after conferring with an attorney. Seemingly innocent conversations can be used to strengthen the case for the prosecution. Additionally, even after acquittal, harsh words can be the reason for termination.

The specter of being found guilty of a crime, and of being sentenced to jail or prison is enough to ensure that competent legal representation is a must. Faced with the probable loss of a job and career, and the possibility of having to relocate for family’s sake, persons who stand accused should know whom to call, and cannot afford to hesitate to make the call.

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