Decline to Discuss the Case Before Talking to Criminal Defense Attorneys in Tyler, TX

Decline to Discuss the Case Before Talking to Criminal Defense Attorneys in Tyler, TX

Whether a person is stopped by the police while they’re shopping or driving, or if the police visit their home, criminal defense attorneys in Tyler, TX will recommend the person is very careful with what they say. Anything the person says can be used against them if the police are investigating a crime or they gain information that leads them to believe a crime has been committed.

What Can Someone Say to the Police?

If the person is a victim of a crime, they can tell the police their side of the story so the police will be able to help them. If the person is a potential suspect for any reason, they should not discuss the case at all. They can provide their name and other identifying information to the police but should decline to answer any further questions. If the person isn’t sure what they should or shouldn’t say, it’s better to be cautious and ask if they can speak with a lawyer before answering any questions.

What Should Someone Avoid Saying to the Police?

If someone is a suspect, they should tell the police they do not want to discuss the case without a lawyer present. The potential suspect should avoid trying to tell their side of the story. This is a mistake many people make every day because they believe they can show they didn’t mean any harm by stating their intentions.

However, anything they do say can be used as an admission of committing the crime or used as further evidence against them if the case goes to court. It’s far better to allow a lawyer to handle the questions from the police to make sure nothing is said to make the situation worse.

Criminal defense attorneys in Tyler, TX will recommend a person declines to discuss a potential case when they’re speaking with the police if there’s a chance they’ll be implicated in the case. In these instances, it’s far better for the person to request a lawyer before saying anything. A lawyer like one from the Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. can help them figure out what they can say to give police needed information without incriminating themselves. Like us on Facebook.

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